Robert is a self-taught artist who works primarily with watercolors and gouache.  He began painting professionally in 1992 after an outing with friends unearthed Robert’s own unique talent. 


Robert and his wife joined some friends on a small vineyard in Sonoma to harvest grapes, bottle wine and make custom wine labels. As the group painted labels with those watercolor kits used in grade school (with most of the labels resembling grade school level talent), Robert was busy creating sheet after sheet of beautiful labels, bursting with abstract color.


With the encouragement of his wife, Robert began painting each evening, exploring different techniques.  Soon he was studying and painting with fervor, embracing painting as his life’s work.  Within the first year, he began having private and public shows and sold his first painting at the Embarcadero Gallery in San Francisco.  By the second year, Robert was commissioned to paint specialized pieces and began displaying his art in Bay Area galleries.  In 1995, he was selected as a finalist in the Perrier Art Works! Contest.  Robert has done many commission and specialty pieces, including the cover art for the CD "Sakésho" which was released in July 2002. Over the last several years, Robert has displayed his work at art shows throughout the Bay Area where he has won many awards. Robert's art also appeared in the Season Premiere of the television show "girls club" in 2002.


Robert’s paintings reflect his impressions of life, expressed through abstraction in a wide-ranging and impressive display of color.  His artistic expression is reflected in a variety of forms, sometimes soft and serene, other times bold and energetic, yet always fun, full of life and exploding with color.  Every painting is unique and presents a strong sense of Robert’s spirit and heritage, inspired by his desire to capture and preserve, in his own unique way, life’s beauty for others to enjoy.


Robert’s art is currently on display in galleries and private, public and corporate settings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Central and Southern California, Montana, Washington, D.C., New York and London.